Betrayal: The Crisis In The Catholic Church

The investigation that inspired the Oscar-nominated film Spotlight.
This is the true story of how four courageous journalists uncovered child abuse on a vast scale – and held the Catholic Church to account. Betrayal is a ground-breaking work of investigative journalism, now brought brilliantly to life on the screen in the major new movie Spotlight.

In 2002, criminal charges were brought against five Boston priests. Together, they had abused hundreds of children, a horrific pattern of behaviour known – and ignored – by the Catholic Church. The arrests were the culmination of a campaign waged by the ‘Spotlight’ investigative team at the Boston Globe, whose coverage had finally exposed not only the predatory priests themselves, but the sinister influence exerted by the church across Boston.

These devastating revelations triggered a crisis in the Catholic Church. This book tells the story from beginning to end, from the men who preyed on innocent children and the cabal of senior Church officials who covered up their crimes, to the ‘hush money’ used to buy the victims’ silence, and the ripples that spread outwards from the investigation, leaving Catholics across the world shocked, angry, and confused. This is the story, too, of how they confronted their Church and called for sweeping change

20 November 2017