The wise woman / Philippa Gregory

Having already read The Other Boleyn Girl, The Queen’s Fool, The Virgin’s Lover and Earthly Joys, I hardly thought this one would compare. How wrong I was! I was so captivated by Alys’, the main character’s, plight. I was at first outraged and then empathetic of her decisions, remembering she was a mere immature seventeen year-old. How can anyone fault her – given the medieval times this story would have taken place. I was captivated by the politics, religion (which were both one and the same), witchcraft, and especially the sexuality, which was quite descriptive (dare I say Hot?)

The end of the story was the biggest surprise of all. So tender and moving were the last pages, I re-read them and teared up both times. I immediately wrote this review, my first ever.

(By Lisa Buckley)

28 August 2015